Saturday, June 1, 2013

Leaving Lyon (sniff)

These last 10 days have been emotional.

Lyon, it’s been awesome - I'm going to miss you.

I have now officially left the Lyon shop, nearly a year to the day when I started, and handed over the keys to our Lyon flat. Our time in Lyon is officially over.

It’s been a blast but it’s time to move on and so I'm back for a short stay in London to finish up the book and finalise organising my “summer of cheese”. I'm planning a tour around France visiting some of my favourite producers and learning about what makes their cheese quite so special.

Lyon has been brilliant and I've met some fantastic people. This post however, is a specific mention and thank you to my favourite cheese shop team at Fromagerie Mons – Etienne Boissy, who have all done so much to help me find my way in the cheese biz (and put up with me when I was massively stressed in competition training).

I've had a great time working with you and thanks for the send-off!

From left to right:
Sabrina, Bénédicte, Etienne, Me, Victor and Severine

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