Friday, September 13, 2013

On the radio

It’s fair to say that things have been a little hectic over the last couple of weeks. I’m pretty much unpacked and settled into London and of course, the book is now published (I’ve seen it in shops and everything). So I’m officially an author. Blimey.

Live from London

The publicity side of things has been a whole new world of weird for me but has been good fun – lots of interviews, presentations and signing of books. I actually spent most of yesterday in a BBC sound studio recording for local radio shows across the country. It turned out that the next person to use the booth I was in was the awesome Bill Bailey. There was just enough time for a quick photo before I was forced out of the building by the enormous entourage of some singer that I confess to never having heard of.

Hats off to the badgers

So what to do to calm down after the 15 minutes of fame? Fortunately there was a very fine hunk of Roquefort in the fridge that I’d picked up from the Mons stall at Borough Market. Tasting that creamy, melt in the mouth woolliness, cut with through with mildly metallic blue notes took me right back to visiting Roquefort this summer, and reminded me that I have several thousand photos that I really ought to start sorting through...


  1. Zut alors - you've become a celebrity writer! You do realise that we will all expect more blogs than of late don't you?! And... we all want to know what's next? Does the Civil Service beckon... anyway I shall be asking you lots of questions soon as I am happy to say you have yet another interview to do! best, Janine Editor of The Good Life France

  2. just ordered your book yesterday.